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The art of Marie Helene Plosjö echoes the rhythms of life, her world is filled with passion and exuberant color, spreading an intensely personal symbolism, she is a singular talent. As an artist Marie has had many international exhibitions and is in collections throughout the world.

Born in 1976, Marie grew up in the small town Bjuv in Sweden. Starting to paint at an early age under the guidance of her art loving mother, she had her first exhibition at the age of nine. Before entering the arts program in high school she participated in several art courses. Shortly after she finished the arts program she got several orders from various galleries and she even worked as an art teacher for a while.

In her 20's along with her fine arts career, Marie studied to become a Beauty and Skin Therapist and a Make-up artist in Stockholm. Marie was one of the first in Sweden to acquire 2 prestigious international CIDESCO diplomas d'Esthétique et de Cosmétologie, the world's most prestigious qualification for Aesthetics Therapy. As a Media Make-up artist, working at highest level of make-up on world-class celebrities and elite clientele, Marie’s triumph in Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy has only contributed to her artistic creativity.

Meanwhile rejecting any limitations on her creativity Marie also got the media’s attention when she worked as a Swedish model and was featured in US Playboy, ICE magazine, FHM, Slitz, Café, and Moore. As she continued her modelling career, adding appearances on reality television and was the host for the final of Miss World Sweden 2007 and 2008. Marie is the CEO of an important blogportal in Sweden.

From the roots of modern art Marie’s form of painting was closer to "post impressionistic art". Marie’s dramatic Post Impressionistic style has a strong influence on her continuous study in her other creative fields of work, Graphic design and web-design. Surely when we think about Post-Impressionist movement in Scandinavia, we think of Edvard Munch and his 1895 The Scream, which now stands among the most famous paintings in the world. Using the visual concepts of her predecessors along with her own accomplished background and intuitive creativity, her artistry evolves in new directions, and to new levels.

One of the main elements of Marie’s artistic process is the intense analysis of her subjects, as well as extensive explorations of technique, colors, shades and compositional foundations. Marie’s research of the modern painting of the 20th century reinforces her own work. She is an artist seeking to capture and refine emotional gesture with her portraiture, including complex studies of the vivacity of human character.

In 2008, the artist had an extensive exhibition in Stockholm that was in some way the start of a new era. Since then Marie have had several sold out exhibitions and now her colorful art hangs in homes worldwide. She paints in acrylic (Liquitex artist level) often using pure gold in her exotic work that is both flamboyant and theatrical. Some works are extravagant and boldly controversial with strongly modeled figures that tell colorful tales, blurring aesthetic rules of decorum. Praised for her compositional rhythm, brilliant color sense and textural vigor, her paintings develop with spirited gestural strokes that foster a sense of vitality.

Marie paints in several differing inventive styles: Incorporating the constructive color planes of Cezanne, for instance, Gauguin’s Cloissonism or the pure, bright colors of van Gogh. In her work this is best seen in her treatment of color and shapes portraying spontaneous visual narratives. It is this blending of diverse radical styles, techniques and methods of painting, adopted by this highly recognized artist, that, along with her intensely personal symbolism, developed this singular talent.

* Happy People – Symbolic abstract paintings in colors that are bold, intense, and very expressive. Every work is created from a highly personal inspiration, built with hearts and comes with powerful messages infused with Symbolism and values that the artist cares deeply about.

* The other part of her art work using a wide range of Post-Impressionist styles, is an eclectic mix of famous people, sexy girls, skulls, wings etc. The artist intended to simplify the shapes and amplify the pure colors and strong lines, leading two-dimensionality to evoke an emotional impact of fascinating narrative visuals.

The one thing they all have in common is that Marie wants the viewer to feel happy and strong when he/she takes part of her art. She is also co-owner of her own art gallery Slice of Life.

The original: The Wolf Black Edition, Made By Marie Plosjö 84.000 EUR 

Size is 150 * 64 cm .. the board is in 24 carat gold. Marie Plosjö paint and uses the exclusive time and light resistant paint Liquitex artistic level of customer security.

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